RIVERHEAD - The pre-trial hearing of a Smithtown man accused of stealing from Suffolk's top cop wrapped up today.

Christopher Loeb admitted to stealing Suffolk Police Chief James Burke's bag, which contained his gun belt, cigars and other items. Loeb today testified that there were five DVDs of pornography in the bag as well, but wouldn't answer when asked to describe the porn.

Loeb said he wouldn't answer "because of threats made to my family and me."

Loeb previously testified that Burke and two other Suffolk officers beat him inside an interrogation room and that Burke threatened his family. He says it was only then that he signed a confession statement.

During the pre-trial hearing, defense attorney Dan Barker got permission from the judge to be able to call Burke to the stand, but neither the defense nor the prosecution called the chief to testify. Burke's lawyer was in court today speaking on his client's behalf.

Burke's lawyer acknowledged the FBI investigation into the chief, but denied him ever hitting Loeb or having porn in his bag.

It's now up to the judge to decide what evidence will be admissible in trial.

The judge didn't make any ruling today. The hearing resumes next month.