BABYLON - LIPA customers in the Town of Babylon are angrily waiting on LIPA to step up and reimburse them for damages following a power surge earlier this month.

Customers says the surge happened back on July 8. Tony Ciancarelli, one of the affected homeowners, says he was left with a charred circuit on his air conditioning unit, along with a bill for $4,200 to repair it.

"It's a lot, especially when we just finished getting back together from Sandy," Ciancarelli says.

Ciancarelli says his nephew, who lives down the block, lost his entire air conditioning system to the surge. Other neighbors report having to replace circuit breakers.

Residents say they're shelling out insurance deductibles in the meantime, as they wait for a repsponse from LIPA. They're also picking up surge protectors in case it happens again.

In reponse, LIPA says, "We are sensitive to those customers who may have suffered damage. National Grid, the service provider, is conducting an investigation. When the investigation is done, we will address those customers' claims appropriately."

People who were affected are encouraged to file claims and keep copies of all paperwork.