PORT WASHINGTON - A power line fight is taking place between PSEG Long Island and some Nassau residents.

PSEG crews are replacing the current power lines with larger 80-foot poles.

Many residents are stunned, and they say they had no idea this was happening. They say they are worried about not only possible health effects, but also poles falling during storms.

PSEG Long Island says the new taller poles are more storm-resistant, have higher-capacity power and they will be able to provide a more reliable source of energy.

Civic organizations in Port Washington are reaching out to Gov. Andrew Cuomo to get him involved and enlist his help in stopping the project.

PSEG says this has been in the process for two years and that municipalities were made aware of it. The utility maintains that this will be the best step to create a reliable power supply in Port Washington.

A public meeting has been scheduled with PSEG and town officials on March 24.