BABYLON - Pothole crews are struggling to patch up the damaging dips and divots that have cropped up on Long Island's roadways.

The Town of Babylon is among the municipalities that are rolling out pothole patrol crews. There are 537 miles of road in the town, and some streets like Avenue B in West Babylon have deep craters that need attention.

DPW crews say a freeze-and-thaw cycle causes the pothole problems, which typically aren't a major issue until spring. Water seeps under the pavement and freezes, and when it warms up, the water loosens the asphalt. Then, when a car hits the soft spot, it pops and creates a hole.

At Mavis Discount Tire in Wantagh, workers warn that potholes can crack a rim or ruin a tire. They're seeing a surge in customers with flat tires because of the potholes.