OYSTER BAY - A public meeting was held Thursday for fed-up Oyster Bay residents who say they are tired of dealing with the town’s scattered potholes.

Oyster Bay Highway Commissioner Kevin Hanifan told the crowd of concerned residents that town crews have been out every day for the last two weeks filling potholes. Hanifan says the town's highway department is responding to an average of 40 complaint calls a day to fill the craters.

“We have hot boxes that can hold up to 4 tons of asphalt…We have 10 running at any given time,” said Hanifan.

With 3 to 6 inches of snow expected across Long Island Friday, time will be less spent on potholes, and more on snow removal.

Hanifan says snowplows and sand trucks are ready for the weather. He says his crews will be back on pothole patrol Monday.