HICKSVILLE - Many Long Island residents who spoke to News 12 said they would be against any potential anti-Islam ads along the Long Island Rail Road.

Pamela Geller, who heads a pro-Israel advocacy group, said that bringing the controversial ads to Long Island is “worth looking at.” They can be found in New York City on buses and subway stations.

One such ad reads: Islamic Jew hatred. It’s in the Quran. End all aid to Islamic countries.

Geller sued the MTA when it refused to post the ads last year, arguing they would incite violence. Earlier this week, a judge ruled in her favor saying, "the fear of such spontaneous attacks, without more, cannot override individuals' rights to freedom of expression."

The president of the Islamic Center of Long Island says Geller's crusade is Islamophobia.

Geller has not confirmed if she plans to promote her message on Long Island.