MEDFORD - Just hours after two arrests in connection to the quadruple murder inside a Medford pharmacy, neighbors and acquaintances are beginning to speak out about the character of the alleged killer.

Suffolk police say they have arrested 33-year-old David Laffer and his wife, 29-year-old Melinda Brady, in connection with the murders.Some people who know Laffer have described him as a kind and compassionate man, while others said he's been a known drug user for many years. Andrew Oliveri, of Port Jefferson, said he played deck hockey with Laffer for years. He described the Medford man as a quiet guy who kept to himself. About six years ago, Oliveri said he heard Laffer became involved with drugs and got in trouble. "I heard he had a couple of guns, liked to go shooting," Oliveri said. Some of Laffer's longtime neighbors on Pitchpine Place said there was no doubt Laffer was the man in the surveillance photos released after the murders at Haven Drugs.However, as police swarmed Laffer's Medford home this morning and led him out in handcuffs alongside a woman, some neighbors said there must be some mistake.Neighbor Zaida Ayala said she has known Laffer to be a polite and a kind person. "This is a man I would trust my children to," she said.

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