MELVILLE - A portion of West Hills County Park has been sealed off due to apparent illegal dumping in the vicinity of the Sweet Hills Riding Center.

Park officials say mounds of dirt that don't belong there have been found inside the county facility. Officials say it looks like it is composed of finely ground construction materials mixed with dirt.

Authorities say it appears that trees were cleared to make way for the apparent illegal dumping.

Suffolk Police Commissioner Tim Sini said at the park Friday that "it is clear this is a crime scene." He said tests on the soil will be performed.

Suffolk Executive Steve Bellone says the dumping was caught just in time.

"There are indications that ground was being laid and prepared for much larger, more significant dumping of material," says Bellone.

A spokesperson for Sweet Hills issued a statement saying, "Some material was dumped near a trail area without our knowledge or consent. The center is cooperating fully with all of the agencies that are investigating."