PORT WASHINGTON - Port Washington is getting ready to roll out some new technology to enforce parking codes across town lots.

The license plate recognition system, or LPR, scans plates and allows enforcement officers to know if a vehicle is up to date on its permits.

It eliminates the need for decals and vouchers on bumpers and rearview mirrors. It also allows residents to apply online, instead of registering in person.

North Hempstead Town officials say the LPR system will make enforcement easier and make parking more convenient.

Shawn Brown, of the Department of Public Safety, says all data collected through the LPR system will be dumped daily, in an effort to avoid a data breach.

North Hempstead Town officials told News 12 that the right security protocols will be in place.

Officials say it will save Port Washington $150,000 over the next 10 years. The LPR system should roll out no later than March.