SOUTH HUNTINGTON - Hundreds of students at St. Anthony's High School in South Huntington gathered in the school's auditorium to watch Pope Francis address a joint session of Congress Thursday morning.

The address marks the first time that a pope has addressed the governing body.

Students told News 12 that they were touched by the pope's words about immigrants in America.

"He addressed the American dream," said senior Rick Fatscher. "I have family from Argentina living in America that are facing difficulty, but they haven't lost hope."

The students heard the pope address Congress about the dignity of human life and confronting polarization. Mexican exchange student Rogelio Cid said that message needed to be heard.  

"He's really brave because the United States is a country really divided. It's now passing through a difficult moment politically," said Cid.

Last year, many of the same St. Anthony's students traveled with the music department and played for the pope and a Vatican audience.