CUBA - The historic arrival of Pope Francis to the United States is one day away. 

Many are eagerly awaiting the pope's arrival to New York. Pope Francis is currently in Cuba for his historic four-day visit.  

Crowds lined the streets yesterday as Pope Francis made his way to the Revolutionary Plaza in Havana. Thousands of people attended an open-air Mass led by the pontiff there. 

Francis' words for Cuba's children was, "Open yourself and dream."
The message was heard by Cuban President Raul Castro, who was in attendance.

Castro recently said Pope Francis has even inspired him to consider joining the Catholic Church. 

The White House says the two leaders recently praised the pontiff for advancing relations between the two countries. 

The pope also met with former Cuban President Fidel Castro. 
Pope Francis gave the former president two books on theology and two others. 

Pope Francis will make his historic arrival to the United States tomorrow in Washington, D.C. He will be in New York on Thursday.