WOODBURY - According to the latest News 12/Hofstra University poll, the issue Long Island voters care most about is the economy, and they have some strong ideas about how to address it.

Poll results show 44 percent of residents are concerned about the economy, followed by 33 percent who care most about taxes. Education is on the mind of 15 percent of the poll responders, while 5 percent are concerned with crime. Only 2 percent of Long Islanders are preoccupied with the environment.

Considering possible economic solutions, 23 percent of Long Islanders believe that cutting the budget to reduce the federal deficit would resolve the crisis, while another 23 percent think that slashing the personal income tax would help jump-start the economy.

Twenty percent of poll responders said adding spending for roads, bridges and public works projects is the way to go, followed by 15 percent who pushed for cutting business taxes.

"If I pay less on taxes, then I can spend more money and help the economy," says pizza shop owner Salvatore Mannino. Hofstra/News 12 Public Opinion Poll Long Islanders' Opinions on a Variety of Topics