WOODBURY - A recent News 12/Hofstra poll asked viewers for their views on childhood vaccinations.

Over 72 percent of responders said all children should be vaccinated. More than 23 percent believed vaccinating a child should be a parent’s choice and 2 percent were opposed to all childhood vaccinations. Another 2 percent were undecided.

Dr. John Zaso, a pediatrician in East Meadow, says a parent choosing not to vaccinate is playing Russian roulette with their child’s health.

“It’s very dangerous,” says Zaso. “People think it's not a problem, but there are a lot of complications from the measles if you catch it.”

Others like Rita Palma, who heads up the organization My Kids My Choice, disagree and say the vaccination poses the real risk.

“Every medical procedure carries some risks, and I think it should be up to the parent to balance those risks, balance those benefits and make a decision,” she says.