WOODBURY - As Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill are locked in a battle over the president's spending plan, a News 12 Long Island/Hofstra poll shows a majority of Long Islanders believe President Barack Obama and Republicans will be able to compromise.

The poll results show that 55 percent of Long Islanders are optimistic that Obama and the Republicans will work together, while 41 percent aren't so sure. Eighteen percent of responders have no opinion on the matter.

"The poll suggests that the public is willing to give both Republicans and Democrats a chance," says Hofstra School of Law professor Larry Levy.

Political strategists point to the president's State of the Union address and his compromise on Republican tax policies as a sign of his willingness to work with the GOP to move legislation forward.

"No more partisanship," says Peggy Garre, of Patchogue. "It's just been too much over the number of years."

News 12/Hofstra Poll Results Summary Report for Feb. 2011News 12/Hofstra Poll Results from Feb. 2011