AMITYVILLE - Teachers and school administrators on Long Island have come under fire recently for their pay packages, but a new News 12 Long Island/Hofstra University poll shows that taxpayers don't think the salaries of educators are out of line.

According to poll results, 44 percent of responders said they believed teacher salaries on Long Island were about right. Twenty-three percent think the salaries are too high, while 21 percent think they are too low.

Andrea Vecchio, of Long Islanders for Education Reform, says most people don't realize how much teachers make for working only 180 days out of a year, six hours a day. She says in addition to having the summers off, teachers also enjoy premium health benefits and pensions.

However, Joe Hogan, the director of the Brentwood Teachers Association, insists that Long Island teachers are worth every penny they make, considering the higher cost of living on the Island.

More than 50 percent of poll responders did agree that local school superintendents were overpaid.

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