WOODBURY - A News 12/Hofstra poll revealed that Long Island residents are divided on the issue of racial tension between police and minorities in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

When responding to the poll question, “In your opinion, is racial tension between the police and minorities a significant problem on Long Island?” 35 percent responded it is “not a significant problem.” A total of 32 percent say racial tension “is a significant problem.” A total of 21 percent answered that there is “no racial tension on Long Island,” while 11 percent were not sure.

Suffolk Deputy Police Commissioner Risco Mention-Lewis, the commanding officer of Suffolk's Community Response Bureau, told News 12 that the department has programs geared toward youth, as well as anti-bias training for police officers.

“We've brought in the community to view the training…we tweaked it based on the feedback from the community,” said Mention-Lewis.