HUNTINGTON - The majority of Long Islanders don't have a favorable view of President Barack Obama's job performance, according to a recent News 12/Hofstra University poll.Poll results show that only 8 percent of responders believe that the president is doing an excellent job. Twenty-seven percent of people say Obama is doing a good job, followed by 28 percent who assess the president's performance as fair. As many as 35 percent of responders say the commander-in-chief is doing a poor job, and 2 percent are undecided.When it comes to Obama's handling of the economy, the survey shows that 50 percent of people say the president is doing a poor job, 13 percent say a good job, followed by 28 percent who believe he's doing a fair job. Only 6 percent think Obama is excelling when it comes to the economy.Stanley Klein, a professor of political science at C.W. Post, says while it's easy to blame the president for all of our financial troubles, Obama has very little effect on the economy.ResultsSummary Report