WOODBURY - According to the results of a recent News 12/Hofstra University poll, most Long Islanders believe the best way to stimulate the economy is to reduce government spending.

The poll shows that 27 percent of residents think that slashing spending will help resolve the crisis, followed by 23 percent of responders who believe that the wealthy should pay higher taxes.

Launching infrastructure projects as a way to jump-start the economy was an option favored by 19 percent of the responders, while another 22 percent said that businesses should be given tax breaks. Nine percent of the survey participants didn't know what would help.

The poll also revealed that nearly a third of the responders believe that people earning more than $500,000 should be considered wealthy enough to get a tax increase, while 22 percent said that households bringing in more than $250,000 should pay more in taxes. Another 22 percent disapprove of any tax hikes.

Some analysts say the best way to stimulate the economy is to boost consumer confidence by cutting taxes.Poll ResultsSummary Report