WOODBURY - A new poll found that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is holding onto her wide lead over Donald Trump in New York state.

Voters are interpreting Clinton's 30-point advantage differently.

"In this state...it's normally Democratic," says James McElwain, of Rockville Centre. "There's nothing we can do about it."

But Donna Sowler, of Franklin Square, says she's surprised Clinton isn't winning by more.

According to the Siena poll, just 51 percent of Republicans said they were willing to vote for their nominee, Trump. That compares to 81 percent of Democrats who said they were ready to vote for Clinton.

Suffolk's GOP chairman, John LaValle, says the polls are "just not capturing the right people."

"Donald Trump has been able to attract new voters, and as a result, he's exceeding the polls," he says.

But no Republican has won New York since 1984, and Nassau Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs says that won't change.

"New York state is an overwhelmingly Democratic state," Jacobs says. "It's solidy blue, and it's been blue. I believe she'll have great numbers coming out of New York."

Despite the uphill battle, some voters are still holding onto hope that Trump will turn things around.

"If he changes his public image...he still has a chance," says Micah Angelicud, of Oceanside.