WOODBURY - The latest News 12/Hofstra poll reveals that Long Island voters would choose the Democratic presidential candidate, whoever that may be, over Republican Donald Trump if the presidential election were held today.
The poll concludes that in a Sanders/Trump matchup, Sanders comes out victorious with 40 percent of the vote to Trump's 35 percent. The poll also tabbed Clinton as a winner with 39 percent of the vote to Trump's 34 percent.
Political expert Mike Dawidziak says these losing numbers are affected by Trump's high negative ratings of over 70 percent with voters in the Hispanic, Jewish and female demographics.
The News 12/Hofstra poll also shows double-digit victories for Sanders or Clinton over Republican Ted Cruz.
Twenty percent of poll participants said they would not vote. Many respondents said that negative campaigning is a factor in their choice.
Seven percent of participants were undecided.