GARDEN CITY PARK - Police say a Garden City Park woman walking her dog was forced into her home by two men and robbed.

Two men approached the 61-year-old woman Thursday evening outside her home on Hillside Drive South and chatted with her about her dog, according to authorities.

Police say a man in his 20s entered the woman's home as she tried to lock the side door. He then held her in a bear hug on the floor as another man went through her home and took money.

The victim's neighbor heard her run out of her home yelling, but the men were gone.

“My husband said he opened the door and she was running saying, 'Help me, help me.  Someone's in my home robbing me,'" says Martha Molina.

Neighbor Bobby Manarine has surveillance video of the 61-year-old woman prior to the attack. He says the incident brings back memories of the 2009 burglary of his own home.

The victim worked with a police sketch artist today.