WOODBURY - Police are warning Suffolk County residents about a phone scam that targets the elderly.

Police say the scammers claim they are from the IRS and say that you owe back taxes. And then, they threaten an arrest.

The Billones, of East Northport, say they were told their bank accounts were going to be frozen and a lien was going to be put on their house. They say the caller knew their birth names, address and other personal information.

The scammer's call came from a Washington, D.C. area code, but what tipped the Billones off is that the caller had a strong foreign accent. Although the couple did not fall for the scam, they were concerned others may and decided to call News 12 Long Island to get the word out.

Authorities are telling the public that if you receive a call like this to never give personal information and to call police right away.