BALDWIN - Police used pepper spray to break up a large fight today near Baldwin High School, according to authorities.

News 12 Long Island is told that fights happened after crickets and stink bombs were released in the cafeteria, leading to the building being evacuated. Students tell News 12 Long Island that several fights broke out when freshmen were jumped by upperclassmen as part of what they call “Freshman Friday.”

Cellphone video shows the fighting spill into a nearby CVS parking lot. The district says a large crowd of students gathered in the CVS parking lot across from the school and the store called 911.

Police say they received a 911 call at 1:15 p.m. that there was a large fight near Baldwin High School. An officer arrived at the scene and told the students to stop fighting, according to police.

Police say pepper spray was used after verbal commands to stop fighting were unsuccessful. The students fled the scene after the pepper spray was used.

Police say the pepper spray was not used on school grounds.

Baldwin school officials confirm that police sprayed students and that multiple students were treated in the nurse's office for irritations from the spray.