TOBAY BEACH - Police announced this afternoon that they located what appears to be two human teeth in their search for clues and remains along Ocean Parkway.

Today, police combed through the dirt with rakes and sieves and used chainsaws and machetes to cut through thick brush at Tobay Beach. They say the teeth were found near the spot where a human skull was located 11 days ago.

A shoe was also recovered in the brush today, but police say they won't know if it's connected to the bodies until it's been analyzed.

Ten sets of human remains have been found along Ocean Parkway since December.

So far, only four of the bodies found have been identified, and police say all four were prostitutes. Police say they may have been the victims of a serial killer.

Genetic testing is under way to identify the most recently discovered remains.

Meanwhile, police are waiting for the analysis of high-resolution images of Jones Beach taken by the FBI's Black Hawk helicopter to determine the next step in the investigation.

"The only areas that remain to be looked at really will depend on the imaging devices, and if we have to cut our way into that area, we'll do that again," says Detective Lt. Kevin Smith, of the Nassau County Police Department.

The image analysis is expected to be completed within two weeks.

For a police press conference on the search at Tobay Beach and for Chopper 12 footage of the search, go to your digital cable box and select iO Extra on Ch. 612.

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