SMITH POINT PARK - Authorities say rescue efforts are continuing tonight after a small plane crashed into the Moriches Inlet Saturday afternoon.

Several dive teams are in the water trying to open the doors and stabilize the aircraft. Officials say they are battling high winds, rough seas and very strong currents.

News12 Long Island was told there was two people, a man and a woman, aboard at the time of the crash. Officials say the plane is submerged 15 to 20 feet under water.

There is no word yet on what caused the plane to crash at around 3 p.m. A fisherman near the scene was able to tie a line to the plane before it sunk.

A witness says several people drove into the water after the crash in a rescue attempt but could not get the doors open.

Suffolk police would not confirm any fatalities and how many people were on the plane at the time of the crash besides the pilot.

To see extended Chopper 12 footage of the plane crash, click on News 12 Extra on Channel 612.