SAYVILLE - Authorities say less than 24 hours after being arrested and held in the Suffolk County Jail for dealing drugs, a Selden man who earlier this month pleaded guilty to the death of two teens in a car crash was found with drugs inside the jail.

"Our investigators got this information though informants that Mr. Heise had a balloon secreted inside him," says Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco.

David Heise, 29, allegedly had tobacco, two tablets of the muscle relaxant Soma, six Xanax tablets and three doses of Suboxone, a powerful drug to help heroin addicts, inside the balloon.

Earlier this month, Heise pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide for running a red light in Ronkonkoma and slamming into a car, which resulted in the deaths of Eugene Franjola, 17, and Stephen Massina, 16.