BELLPORT - Police searched a Bellport home on Wednesday in connection with an attack on a Range Rover by a group of motorcyclists in Manhattan earlier this week.

News 12 Long Island has learned that law enforcement officials searched the home of 37-year-old Kevin Bresloff, of Bellport, who is believed to have recorded the video of the chase. Sources say authorities confiscated two laptops, a digital camera, cellphone and the helmet camera used to record the incident.

Video of the attack shows a biker who cut off the black Range Rover, then slowed down so much that his bike bumped the front of the SUV.

The move set off about two dozen bikers swarming the SUV, blocking its path and starting what turned into a bloody fight between the driver and one of the bikers.

It's believed the helmet camera may have the full length video, capturing the entire encounter and parts not shown on YouTube. Police say they have been wanting to watch the full video to try and figure out exactly what happened.

Police say Bresloff was not arrested. The only person criminally charged is Christopher Cruz from New Jersey, the biker who initially cut off the SUV. A second person was arrested, but has since been released.

Meanwhile, the wife of the SUV driver released a statement today. She was in the car at the time with their 2-year-old daughter. "Our sympathies go out to the injured motorcyclist and his family. However, we were faced with a life-threatening situation, and my husband was forced under the circumstances to take the actions that he did in order to protect the lives of our entire family."