EAST HILLS - Two people have been arrested after an East Hills woman was beaten and robbed in her own driveway.

Detectives say Robert Gunsberg, 55, and Patricia Bertone, 52, are facing charges in the Dec. 12 attack.

Officials say Gunsberg attacked the 52-year-old victim at her home on Peacock Drive after she had come home from shopping.

They say Gunsberg grabbed the woman and demanded the jewelry she was wearing. After the two struggled, police say he began punching the woman in the face and stole her pocketbook.

Police say the victim followed Gunsberg as he got into the car with his girlfriend, 52-year-old Patricia Bertone.

Police were able to find the duo because the victim was able to get Gunsberg's license plate number.

Gunsberg was arraigned Saturday and is facing robbery and assault charges. He is being held on $250,000 bond.

News 12 has learned that Gunsberg has been arrested 18 times and has four prior felony convictions.