WOODBURY - A Massapequa man who faked his own death last year has been arrested for allegedly posing as a police officer and attempting to kidnap women.

Police say 48-year-old Raymond Roth posed as an officer at least twice this month and once last month. They say Roth chased a 38-year-old woman into PLS check cashing office in Freeport after she refused to get in his van.

During a news conference this afternoon, police say viewers who saw surveillance video on News 12 Long Island identified the person as Roth.

Hours later, Roth pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit insurance fraud for faking his own death at Jones Beach last summer.

Police say they are investigating two other similar cases, one that occurred at the end of February and another that happened two weeks ago.

Roth's attorney Brian Davis says his client is on more than a dozen different medications, mostly for his bipolar disorder.

Roth has been charged with attempted kidnapping, criminal impersonation and attempted burglary and was remanded without bail. He faces up to 23 years in prison if convicted.

Calls to his estranged wife and son for comment have not been returned.