WEST ISLIP - Police say a male nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital photographed a 17-year-old female patient’s “intimate parts” without her knowledge.

Nick Petrella, 35, was arraigned today on felony unlawful surveillance charges. Petrella was arrested yesterday.

Police say the teen patient came to Good Samaritan’s emergency room last Friday. Petrella allegedly took the photos while she was unconscious.

“There was another staff member of the hospital that observed Mr. Petrella, notified the charge nurse that was on duty, and the hospital ultimately advised us of it,” says Detective Sgt. John Diffley.

Petrella's family had no comment after his arraignment. His attorney denies the charges, adding that police have seized Petrella's iPhone and will find nothing.

“They'll have the chance to take forensics of his phone, which will show what they are alleging is not true,” says attorney Matt Tuohy.

Petrella has been a registered nurse at Good Samaritan since 2008, according to his online resume. In that time, his attorney says he's been highly honored and respected.

In a statement, Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center says it contacted the police and that the matter is under police review.