GARDEN CITY - A fight caused a big scare Saturday night at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City.

Police say the fight involving two people broke out around 7:45 p.m. near the Wendy's in the mall food court. Panicked shoppers at first believed that shots may have been fired, but police say there is no evidence of gunfire.

Witnesses say glass was broken on a store window, and a viewer photo sent in to News 12 shows shattered glass on the mall floor.

Police say the loud noise may have scared some people into running from the scene and fleeing the mall. Operations soon returned to normal.

No injuries were reported and no arrests have been made.

The incident comes just days after the mall went on lockdown when a Queens man opened fire during an attempted robbery. Police say Oliver Lee tried to steal a Rolex watch worth nearly $19,000 from the Tourneau store Tuesday. One mall employee was shot and wounded. Lee was arrested.