WOODBURY - Police officers say they face danger every day from average people on the road. Authorities say a car traveling between 50 and 80 mph can be just as dangerous as a bullet if the motorist isn't careful. News 12 Long Island's Andrew Ehinger rode along with Suffolk County Deputy Sheriff Jonathan Bing today, who explained the dangers of motorists speeding by stopped emergency vehicles. While Bing hasn't been hit by a car, Sgt. David Sheehan says he has been struck twice. Both times, he says it was scarier than dealing with an armed criminal. New York has had a "move over" law for nearly two years. Under the law, motorists are required to move one lane over when they see an emergency vehicle stopped on the side of the road. Police say the problem with the law is that many drivers just don't know about it.Nassau officer fatally struck responding to crashes on LIE