JONES BEACH - While the search along Ocean Parkway continues, police say that there are differences among the remains that have been discovered in the area since December that suggest that more than one killer may be responsible for the murders.

Defense attorney and former prosecutor Bruce Barket says the differences in the victims make a puzzling case even more complicated for police.

"I don't know of another instance where as many as 10 bodies with varying genders and different ages, showed up in the same stretch of beach," Barket says. The remains that were most recently discovered on the Nassau County side of the Ocean Parkway were interred in two different locations, but police aren't sure if it's one body or two. They also say it appears these remains had been in the ground much longer than those found in Suffolk.Forensic psychologist Roy Aranda says serial killers often place the bodies of their victims in a specific position, or dispose of their bodies in a very exact way, which apparently hasn't happened in this case, raising the possibility of multiple killers.

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