MASSAPEQUA - An honors student at Massapequa High School is being charged with making a terrorist threat for allegedly telling a classmate he wanted to blow up their school. Prosecutors say 17-year-old Ryan Bernhardt told another student yesterday that he hoped he got the chance "to kill everyone." He also allegedly said, "I have a list of people and wish they were in the Colorado Dark Knight shooting," a reference to the movie theater massacre that left 12 people dead and 58 injured. Police say Bernhardt made the comments to a classmate while on his lunch break at Town Bagels yesterday afternoon. Fellow Massapequa High School senior Eddie Hanley tells News 12 Long Island that Bernhardt never meant what he said. He says people who don't know Bernhardt "wouldn't understand his sarcasm." According to court documents, Bernhardt told police after his arrests that the threats were made by another student. The teen also told police that he has no friends, is an only child, and was on medication until the 10th grade when a doctor told him he "was cured."The teen's father, Bob Bernhardt, seemed overwhelmed to be in Hempstead Criminal Court today. When asked if the school district overreacted by contacting police, Bernhardt's father said, "In this day and age, they have to take it so seriously, but it's my kid." The school district says its staff responded quickly and calmly to the situation by alerting police.Bernhardt is being held on $30,000 bond or cash bail and is due back in court on Friday.