UNIONDALE - A man is accused of holding a screw gun to a woman's head and demanding cash after she sought to rent an apartment from him.

Police say an agreement was made between Arnold Padgett, 56, and the victim to rent a second-floor apartment at 830 Nassau Road in Uniondale Friday afternoon.

According to police, Padgett took the 31-year-old victim to the basement of the building to show her additional storage area. They say while in the basement, he grabbed the victim, held her against the wall with a screw gun to her head and demanded $800.

Police say he took her cellphone and ATM card. They say he then took the victim upstairs and told her they would be going to a nearby deli. 

Once outside, the victim ran to a local auto body shop and called 911.

Padgett, who has a long criminal record, is charged with robbery and criminal possession of a weapon. He was arraigned and his bail was set at $150,000.