ELMONT - Nassau police are hoping surveillance video will help them sniff out the man who stole a dog from an Elmont pet shop by stuffing it down his pants.Police say the puppy theft at Zoo Rama took all of 12 seconds. In the surveillance video, a man in a gray shirt with white sleeves is seen snatching up a pint-sized Pomeranian puppy and putting it down his trousers. The dog tries to get out, but the man stuffs it back inside and heads out the door. Store owner Harsha Perera says the 9-week-old purebred puppy was in a window cage by the front door when two men came into the store moments apart. She says they distracted her son, who was watching the shop, and were seen on tape trying to steal money from the cash register. When the men couldn't get the register open, one of them took the dog, which sells for more than $1,000. Perera is offering a $500 reward for tips leading to the thieves. Anyone with information is urged to call Nassau Crime Stoppers at 1-800-224-TIPS.