NEW HYDE PARK - A Queens man was arrested early Thursday morning for allegedly breaking into a home and business in New Hyde Park.

Rudy Nareine, a worker at Premier Plumbing & Heating, told News 12 Long Island that he came face-to-face with 16-year-old Mykai Bullok as he was attempting to climb through a window.

Not totally sure of what was happening, Nareine says he greeted the would-be burglar by saying "hi" and calling 911.

Police say Bullock fled the scene and headed toward Jericho Turnpike. They say he was caught on surveillance camera placing a backpack between two parked trucks, then slowly walking down a driveway of a home on South Third Street.

Police say Bullock broke into a home, but fled when officers arrived. They say he dropped an iPad and a glass jar of coins during the pursuit.

Officers apprehended Bullock in a nearby garage. Police say his backpack was filled with coins and cellphones.

Bullock was charged with burglary, trespassing and possession of burglary tools.