FARMINGVILLE - Police say a shed fire in Farmingville today led to the discovery of pot plants at a residence.

Officials say the fire broke out around 11:35 a.m. in a shed at a home located on College Hills Drive.

Officers arrested Jason Bugiada, 43, who lives at the residence, and charged him with criminal possession of marijuana after 16 marijuana plants were found in the shed.

Detectives determined the cause of the fire was accidental and electrical. There were no injuries, and there was no damage to the house.

Bugiada told News 12 Long Island that he smoked marijuana for medicinal reasons when he had thyroid cancer.

"If the world wants to condemn me for that, God bless you," said Bugiada.

Neighbors told News 12 Long Island that they believe there is illegal drug activity happening at the home and that police have been called there many times. Bugiada denied the accusation.

"There's never been charges here. Nobody's ever been arrested. We've never had police here," said Bugiada.

Bugiada said he's now considering moving his family to another state so that he can freely smoke medical marijuana.