EAST MEADOW - Police say a husband is accused of killing his wife inside their East Meadow home.

Mirian Bejarano, 52, was found dead in her Prospect Avenue home on April 28.

According to court records, her husband Hector Bejarano, 53, hit his wife over the head repeatedly with a dumbbell until she died.

Police say they went to Bejarano's house Wednesday for an undisclosed reason and found more evidence against Bejarano, which led to his arrest.

Authorities say they knew from the beginning of the investigation that the murder was not a random attack. They believed the victim was killed by a relative or friend. They say Bejarano was considered a suspect just two days after the murder.

"The initial examination of the scene suggested that there was no forced entry and that whoever was responsible for this had access to the house," said Nassau Police Chief Steven Skrynecki.

Police are not saying what the motive for the alleged murder could be.

Hector Bejarano is being held without bail.