ELMONT - A makeshift heroin mill was discovered in the basement of an Elmont home Tuesday during an undercover operation that netted four arrests.

Police say Richard Cincotta, 28, was running the mill out of a home on 237th Street. A neighbor says his mother and grandmother also live in the home.

During their raid, detectives say they found several scales, packaging material, spoons, and small glassine envelopes that heroin is usually sold in.

The raid came Tuesday night after Cincotta was arrested for allegedly trying to sell heroin to an undercover officer.

Cincotta has 11 prior arrests and seven convictions. He was held on $10,000 bail.

Three other people were also arrested in part of a broader undercover heroin investigation in the Elmont area. Police say 29-year old Steven Croce and 25-year old Aime Slate also tried to deal heroin to a detective. Pietro Ciampa, 28, was allegedly in possession of methadone.

Ciampa allegedly told police that he had the methadone to stop using oxycodone. His attorney said that he was charged with a misdemeanor.