HEMPSTEAD - Police have released more information about a Hempstead man who died Tuesday after he was shot while behind the wheel of his car and then crashed into the bleachers of Hempstead Middle School.   

Police say that Jonathan Wade, 55, was shot Tuesday night after he called 911 about disorderly people who had gathered at his mother's property on Albermarle Avenue in Hempstead. They say Wade's 70-year- old mother, Betty, had been beaten up so badly the day before that she ended up in the hospital.

"There was a confrontation between the mother and various youths that live in the neighborhood," says Detective Capt. John Azzata.

"He was defending his mother. He didn't realize that these people are not rational like he is," says Josie Green, the victim's aunt.

Police say once the shots were fired into Wade's car, he managed to drive about three blocks before finally losing control of the car and crashing into the fence of the middle school.

Officials say Tuesday night was the second time Wade confronted people at his mother's property. The first time was Monday night, right after his mom was assaulted. Wade was arrested for possession of a dangerous weapon after shots were fired. His aunt says Wade approached the crowd waving an old bullet and did not have a gun.

Wade is survived by his wife of 30 years and his two children. He worked as a respiratory therapist at Mercy Hospital.