HEMPSTEAD - A Hempstead man is facing animal cruelty and dogfighting charges after police say they found a dead dog in his yard and another that was starving and severely wounded. Reuben Phillips says that the two pit bulls belonged to a friend and that he was simply watching them for the past three weeks. The dogs, named Rahman and Snow, each had several series of deep scars all over their malnourished bodies. One of the dogs' ears was entirely ripped off, investigators say. Snow was found face-down, dead in a ditch in Phillips' yard. Rahman has been taken to the Hempstead Animal Shelter for treatment. Phillips' yard was covered with feces and urine and had no fresh water or food for the animals, authorities say. Neighbors say they often heard dogs crying and whimpering in the yard, but say they never suspected it could have been from dogfighting.If convicted, Phillips could face up to two years in jail.