GLEN COVE - A 15-year-old freshman at Glen Cove High School was groped by a classmate in a school bathroom last week, police say.The girl had just finished class Friday afternoon and was on her way to softball practice when a 15-year-old boy attacked her. The girl's mother says the attack left the teenager traumatized.Glen Cove police say surveillance video shows the boy forcing the girl into the girls' restroom. That's when they say he began groping the girl. After about 30 seconds, the video shows the two come out, but then the boy can be seen trying to push his victim into the boy's bathroom. Police say that he grabbed her ankles, but let her go when she resisted.In a statement, the district's superintendent says the boy was suspended for five days, pending a hearing to determine if further disciplinary action is necessary.Police say the teen has been charged with forcible touching and unlawful imprisonment. He's being charged as a minor and the case will be heard in family court.