DEER PARK - Authorities say 14 people were indicted Wednesday in a heroin ring drug bust that was allegedly led by two brothers in Deer Park.

Prosecutors say Uriel Rose, 33, and his brother Winston Rose, 35, of Deer Park, earned more than $1 million per year in drug sales.

The investigation lasted six months and involved local and federal law enforcement. They say the Rose brothers were getting their drugs from the Bronx.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's Office says the brothers used a party rental business on Bay Shore Road as a front for their drug business.

"It was nothing other than a front to launder...the incredible amount of money they were making from this heroin operation," said Spota.

Authorities seized bags filled with heroin, a handgun and cash during Wednesday's raid. At least 10 Long Islanders have been linked to the alleged heroin ring.

Uriel Rose is being held on $4 million bond. Winston Rose, a former U.S. Marine who was already out on parole for a prior conviction, is being held on $6 million bond.