NORTH AMITYVILLE - Police say a Roosevelt man was arrested after shooting a grandfather following an incident on a school bus involving his child.     

Police say Anthony Franklin was upset that his 6-year-old daughter had her hair pulled on the bus ride to school. They say he went to the home of the boy he thought was responsible.

Police say the boy’s grandfather, Wilson McWilliams, was shot twice after an argument at the Albany Avenue home.

Franklin’s fiancee, Ayesha Clinton, says his actions were in self-defense and that Anthony was “pulled” into the home by McWilliams.

“The guy reached for something, and of course, no one is going to stand there and get shot,” Clinton told News 12.

Clinton claims that Franklin was not armed at the time of the incident.

Franklin was arraigned in Central Islip Thursday on a felony assault charge.

Prosecutors told the judge that Franklin, who is a Level 2 sex offender, admitted to police that he had a fight with McWilliams and that the gun went off twice.