LINDENHURST - For weeks now, people in more than a dozen states have reported seeing creepy clowns, and clown-related threats put several Long Island school districts on high alert Friday.

The Central Islip, North Babylon and Lindenhurst school districts went into high alert after the schools were named in clown-related social media threats. The districts notified police, who determined there was no actual threat.

It’s not clear if people are really seeing others dressed as clowns or if they are staging photos with their friends.

There was a clown-related frenzy last night at a Stop & Shop in West Islip. Workers say that customers started talking about seeing clowns out on Union Boulevard. One woman, who didn't want her face shown on TV, swears she saw two men dressed as clowns around 10 p.m. when she left the store.

“The masks were white, the hair was red, and the outfits were kind of like ‘Rambo-ey’-looking,” she says. “You weren't able to see faces or anything, the get-ups were full from head to toe, full costumes, very tall.”

The Suffolk Police Department says it has not confirmed any of these clown sightings and that there have been no reported assaults or credible threats.

Police are warning that intentional harassment and trespassing on school grounds are crimes, and that it is also a crime to falsely report an incident – like seeing a creepy clown if you haven’t.