WOODBURY - Officials are reminding parents on Long Island to alert their children about stranger safety after police confirmed to News 12 two incidents in Nassau County.

Police say a man in a black Jeep approached a 13-year-old girl while she was riding her bicycle on Hicksville Road and Thorn Avenue in North Massapequa. They say the man stood up in his seat and exposed himself to her. The teen was able to take a picture of the suspect's license plate.

Authorities say a black Jeep also approached two elementary school children in Seaford saying that he needed help finding his dog while attempting to lure them into his vehicle.

Andrea, the mother of the two children this happened to, says she has told them from a very young age not to fall for any tricks a stranger may have. But she says she is still shaken by the situation.

The Plainedge and Seaford school districts have sent home notices warning parents of the alleged predator. Parents have also taken to the Internet to help spread the word.

No arrests have been made.