BOHEMIA - Connetquot schools are teaming up with Suffolk County police by planning to conduct random searches with drug-sniffing dogs.

Superintendent Lynda Adams last Friday sent home a letter to parents telling them about the possiblity of a police K-9 sweep in and around Connetquot High School. She says the drug-sniffing dogs would be brought in unannounced. Students would be required to stay inside their classrooms while the dogs sniffed lockers and cars in the parking lot. If any illegal substances are found, Adams says, the student in question would face suspension and a possible arrest.

Some parents say the random sweeps are a good step in combating the drug problem.

The letter also points out that lockers are school property and students are told that their cars could be subjected to searches if they are on school grounds.

As News 12 has reported, 18-year-old Matthew Stambler was arrested in March for allegedly having 90 packets of heroin on him in school. According to court documents, he was also in possession of $900 in cash and two cellphones.