NORTH AMITYVILLE - A man and woman are dead after police say a breakup triggered a murder-suicide in North Amityville, and officials say the woman's daughter was injured as she tried so save her mother.

Police say Stephen Guillaume fatally stabbed his girlfriend, Virginia Vasquez, at their home on North Drive after Vasquez told him their relationship was over. Guillaume then took his own life.

Vasquez's 14-year-old daughter was cut on the hand as she tried to help her mother. Her 4-year-old son also witnessed the ordeal, but wasn't hurt. Relatives say that Vasquez had two other children.

The 14-year-old girl called relatives for help, but by the time they arrived, it was too late. The teen was hospitalized and had surgery on her wounded hand.

Vasquez's sister says that the couple's relationship was a turbulent one the entire time they were together. She alleges that Guillaume abused Vasquez for the past nine years.

Family members say the woman was always happy and loved her children. The mother of four would have celebrated her 33rd birthday tomorrow.