SHIRLEY - Suffolk police say they arrested a Woodhull Elementary School assistant principal today for third-degree assault.

Police say Michael Baaden was arrested following a domestic incident. They have not released any information on where or when the incident happened, or who the alleged victim is.

In a statement obtained by News 12 Long Island, the William Floyd School District said it became aware of the recent arrest of Baaden and the serious allegations against him. The district says the conduct with which Baaden has been charged did not occur during the work day or on school grounds, and does not involve students in any way.

The district stated that it intends to monitor the situation closely and to cooperate fully with the criminal investigation.

The district has decided that until it is able to fully evaluate the facts and circumstances, Baaden will not be permitted to return to work.

Baaden is expected to be arraigned tomorrow in Central Islip.